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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  August 13, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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congratulations to katie ledecky. thank you for joining us in the studio. [ applause ]
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?? maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california-grown blue diamond almonds. ?? of course, if you ask one of our almond growers... ?? almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. tonight, after the olympics, shock at a boys and girls club where the man in charge is now a man in custody.
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investigation. >> cameras rolling to catch this chaos in court. deputies had no choice but to drag a defendant out. >> and historic moments at olympic games. could one of our own become the next golden great. we welcome you on a much broadcast. the man in charge of a local boys and girls club is in jail. thank you for staying with us. >> he's accused of abusing the trust put him in and committing sex crimes against some of those kids. it's our top story tonight. >> we are joined live from the clark county detention center with more. >> it started as one claim. an investigation into one kid. but then two other potential victims were found and now that
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panicked. when parents came to pick their kids up from the boys and girls club on friday they were greeted with this, a letter explaining to them a nightmare turned reality. the director of the club, coach willis to most, had been arrested. accused of having an inappropriate relationship with as many as three teens. the organization was shocked, disturbed, cooperating with authorities. little to calm the nerves of some we are talking about the main person. >> he's a nice guy from what we have seen. i'm at a loss for words. >> everyone said the same thing, not coach willis. one of the club's teens described the man he looked up
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kind of thing. >> the details are few. metro investigators telling us they first went to the southern high lands boys and girls club to thursday to investigate one report of lewd conduct. they found two more victims and made an arrest. >> he's charged with three counts of lewdness with a child under the age of 16. >> they have declinedny all the parents we talked to, every one of them say they hope this is an isolated incident. do not blame the girls and boys club. >> thank you. police are trying to solve a murder mystery after a woman was found dead inside a local home. it happened near the 95. 25-year-old santana beat the woman to death.
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shared with the boy. neighbors are shocked something so horrific could happen and that house is usually pretty quite. >> kind of strange because they kind of keep to themselves. >> just ask be a car, a green car or something. i don't know nothing about it. >> detectives say it looks like a violent struggle led to the woman's death. if you know anything that can help them catch their breaking news out of new mexico, a police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop. authorities say shots were fired after some sort of exchange. officers caught and arrested three suspects after they shot another person during a carjacking. the officer later died at the hospital, the other victim will survive. metro is asking for your help to find the man accused of
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they plan to canvass the streets tomorrow morning hoping someone will know something that will help them bring the kill tore justice. he was left lying in the street in february. a newer sedan was seen near where it happened that night. here's video of that. if you know something that can help them, give crimestoppers a call. >> a murder suspect dragged out of a courtroom following a dramatic outburst. cameras caught the ruckus. following a scuffle with deputies he was dragged out of the courtroom, accused of killing a woman in 2013. his mental state has been questioned since his arrest. prosecutors believe he was just putting on a show. both sides agreed to move the case forward.
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the first big mall near town is poised for a big comeback. the boulevard mall is reinventing itself. >> this area is going to be a bird aviary. >> this is the shark tank. >> he's bringing something brand new to the boulevard m families in mind. >> about six foot tall. mainly so kid can get up there and feed the stingray, watch the fish swim by. >> the aquarium attraction opens in november taking over 26,000 square feet of prime shopping area, the latest improvement to the valley's oldest indoor mall and customers are taking notice.
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around, remodel and had in store. it's nice out here. >> but it hasn't always been that way. when dillard's department store pulled out in 2008, it left behind a major hole. now john's incredible pizza has moved in, along with something else. >> goodwill is all about jobs. >> the first goodwill to anchor a mall. there's the retail space and a >> type in the resume', it will come up. >> offering help with resume's. to be part of this iconic mall is all about what goodwill is. it's about second chances. this mall is getting a second chance. goodwill helps people get second chances. >> as for sea quest? they hope the boulevard mall will become a destination.
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in a mall kiosk. >> what is this thing? >> letting customers know big changes are coming. new tonight, a green light for a big off-road race here in nevada, the best in the desert vegas to reno race. it starts next friday near the town of alamo and will finish august 20. it's one of the longest of its kind, more than 600 miles. it's expected to draw 5,000 off-road racing fans. this is the 20th year the race has been held here in nevada. it was a busy day on the campaign trail. president bill clinton along with gary johnson and green party candidate made a stop in the valley. it was all part of the asian american journalist association
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ceasar's palace. clinton talked about a lot of issues. donald trump did not make an appearance. but he sent utah's attorney general in his place. we want to give you a voice in this historic and important race to the white house. what would you ask hillary clinton or donald trump if you had the chance? you can send your questions to news at news 3 or post our facebook page. coming up, the u.s. swimming team is laying the foundation for the next olympics. >> we'll show you how they are inspiring young swimmers here in las vegas. >> temperatures in the mid 80s. more hot wons coming. plus another round of thunderstorms in our future. your forecast is coming up.
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>> welcome back. the u.s. olympics athletes are getting attention all over the world as they continue to collect gold medals. >> we are joined from downtown las vegas with a look at the challenge just to find a lane to practice in the pool. it. >> pools are quite busy these days. these athletes are just so mesmerizing to watch, they are racking up plenty of gold medals. the u.s. swimming team bringing instant rock star status to the
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>> you are waitless. the water feels refreshing. these days desert breeze pool is popular. >> a big part of that is bse phelps and katie ledecky have ruled the pool. >> they are watching and learning and calling. >> they are talking about all the parents pushing their
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>> i know how it feels when you are out there and everybody looking at you. i want him to experience that. >> but the real victory is knowing phelps and ledecky may have created a legacy beyond their accomplishments. >> maybe someone from las vegas might be the next michael phelps. we see a lot of different water sports, water polo, synchronized swimming. maybe you want to try someone, see if you like t they are offering classes here in clark county. sign up so you can try it. >> i have a feeling the classes are going to be jam packed.
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they are taking the games by storm. of course, one of those olympic heros is swimmer ryan lockte. but yesterday he was in a competition of a different kind. in the send he decided he's the winner, he's taking home gold from his swimming >> he did it for a look. reed earned those gray hairs. of course, they are going to be in rio all the way through the closing ceremony posting all kind of things for you to check out. you can catch up with their stories on our facebook page. >> if you are out and about today, you are going you know what, i think i can get used to.
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>> you can get used to 105 when 110 is around the corner. that's what we are looking at. before we get to the hot, hard facts, check this out. we set up the camera in hopes we could see a streaking perseids meteor. we got one. it's small, in the top right corner. we got one. those things have to be really bright to show up in the las vegas valley sky. on the planet. the moon is setting. you got another good night. this is it. last night we saw 50 between 1:30 and 2:30 in the morning. earlier the sky was getting populated by clouds. the last batch of moisture that tried to produce a couple of quick showers but didn't have a
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dryer air is working its way in. it's 90?, humidity at 21%. to the northwest, buffalo and lake mead. 91, 26% humidity. good chunk of the valley into the 80s. we are seeing the 90s on the east side outside the mccarran the top temperature 105, a couple of? above normal. but that's what we called for. didn't need the 3-degree guarantee. tomorrow we are going to be hotter. mid 80s, lunchtime. some neighborhoods hit is so.
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cloud, barely a factor at all. we have those small, almost like the radar had measles, small storms fired up over the mountains, especially down into arizona. they pushed off to the southeast. now the dryer air is pushing in. the area of high pressure is expanding. our temperature is set to jump. here are the lows for your friday night or at this time 12:20, saturday morning. 69 indian afternoon up in mosquito, 109, 113. 119 in death valley. our valley tonight is going down to 83? for the early morning low temperature. the bounce back to saturday afternoon, 109 officially. that's mccarran. some will be hotter than that. the lake will be hotter. they are going to 111.
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that will make that plunge feel good. up on the mountain, high of 81. your seven-day forecast after tomorrow's 109, why not. you may not be able to tell the difference, but say it's 110, feels hotter. we got a couple of those, sunday, monday, maybe tuesday before the humidity returns. start to see the clouds build and potential lay chance for thunderstorms. later in the week, i like our chances to see something bu in the meantime, we are getting ready for the track and field events, the high hurdles. think of 110 as our high hurdles. >> hope we'll make it. >> what to we get if we make it? >> a medal. survival medal. they are a part of our landscape most people don't know about, extinct volcanos. >> developers are dropping home
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geological wonders. these a preview of the special report. >> it sound like something out of a natural disaster movie. but scientists say we are safe. volcanos died out long ago. but that doesn't mean they are not important to us geologically. volcanos are responsible for forming many of our local mountains. out near lake mead you can hike directly through vulcanic rock. >> a little smaller than mount st. hellens. if you were standing here 14 or 15 million years ago, this would look like a substantial volcano. >> while our volcanos are extinct, there are a few nearby that could produce activity. i will have those details in have a fast volcanos.
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texas garage. >> we are talking about a huge gator. not a happy one, as you can see. we'll show you the effort to get it under control and get it
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this.u got to take a look at a texas man got quite a surprise after opening his garage thursday night. >> he was jus the garage when he spotted the head of this nine foot long alligator. he called police. they called a gator wrangler to handle the job. >> we'll get the guys who know how to take down these things. he recorded this video. the wrangler took the gator to an alligator farm. by the way, police say gator sightings are not uncommon.
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them in your garage. >> honey, i know the garage is so cluttered we can't fit a car in, but at least we are gator-free. the mountain ridge little leaguers are a win away for
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from playing in the western regional championship. they would have to avenge a loss to hawai'i. tonight a different story. in the rematch, top second, ryan watkins, coach's son. delivers a base hit, throwing error. he goes to third and mom in the stand. she's loving that. seeing ryan get all the way to thomas moore, they lead 1-0. swinging a good bat. how about this. watch where this home run land. in the window of the concession stands. no extra bonus points for that. a 3-0 lead. 4-0. ryland brings in two more runs.
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starting an eight game home stand against new orleans. dug themselves a hole, down 3-0. 51 is coming back. hit a nice little base hit there. it was 3-2 game. then the big hit was romero, the two-run double. put game of three runs in the top of the 8th inning. they lose it by one run. tough break there. same two teams tomorrow night. final game for alex rodriquez. a-rod is retiring, he need four more home runs for the magic number 700. first at bat. how about an rbi double to tie the game.
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waves goodbye. the yankees get the win. u.s. men's basketball had a square, 10 point win over australia. continuing group play, playing serbia. 9-2. clay thompson, puts it down for a dunk. 17-5. green is going to lob it up for jordan. 23-5 lead for the u.s. check this out, they lost that lead. the final shot of the game, down by 3. u.s. escapes with the three-point win. they will wrap up their preliminary round play on sunday. katie ledecky set the gold medal record. 13 more than china. they keep on coming. >> they sure do. something to watch. >> can't wait to see the next
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